Problems arranging geometries in the center of each sphere

What I want to do is arraying the legs at the each centers of the spheres.

The example of the location of the legs at the sphere is included in the file.

The direction of the legs is the direction of the line between the center of each sphere and the points outside the sphere.

I ask for your help.

Thank you

Legs.3dm (383.3 KB) (7.9 KB)1

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Use Orient direction (194.0 KB)


Seghier is correct - the Orient object will align geometry the way you want. I internalized the legs and added a GH sphere just to avoid a separate Rhino file. Thanks to Seghier I learned that it’s wise to unitize it’s 2 vector inputs dA and dB; not doing this changes the size of things in unexpected ways! (66.3 KB)

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Thank you very much sir!

Thank you very much for your own method sir!