Problem with "What"

I’m running “What” this morning on a variety of objects and getting the message “Processing objects, press the Escape key to abort:”

Indefinitely. Waited for 10 minutes and nothing happened.

Running SR10 on Windows 7.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

This usually only happens when you have either huge numbers of objects or objects with huge numbers of sub elements (like polylines with many thousands of points)… Are either one of those the case? Does this happen with simple objects as well? Never had it hang for 10 minutes though, usually I esc out before that…


Hey @Mitch, sorry for the delayed answer. … no, this is happening with very simple objects. Like a simple line.

It’s been several days now. The file’s not that big either. Any thoughts?


Hi Cosmas - can you export an object that gives trouble and post it here if it does it all by itself? Are you sure the selected object is not grouped with a pile of other, hidden, stuff?


What problem.3dm (95.9 KB)

Hey @Pascal and @Helvetosaur,

I drew a single line, confirmed that what brought up “Processing objects. Press escape key to abort” and exported it to the attached file. Still brings up the same thing.

Am I the only one who has reported this?

Hi Cosmas - does the ‘What’ info window open as well? The prompt is as you describe while the window is open.


It does… now, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t last week. Since nothing’s changed, I assume that I didn’t notice it which is hard to believe. Will keep an eye on it, Pascal. Thank you.