Problem with vectororientation on sphere


i dont know if i can adress the problem properly.
my vectores are going to the opposite side of the sphere, but they should just go the one, small step on the same side, what is displayed in the coloured vectores.
Even when the vectorvalues are not identical in the lists, thats not my issue (donkt know exactly why but thats ok).
The big problem is that they change somehow from negative values to positive ones.
How can i keep them like the source?

i hope i sorted the tree so that you can see it in the file.

The “absolute” doesnt work, that makes them just all positive.

All help appreciated! :slight_smile:
Cheers (41.5 KB)

i guess i found a way…

plugged a vector length in the remaining vectores, created a sdl line, extracted the endpoints, drew a line from basepoint to the extracted endpoint and projected it to the surface… damn…