Problem with unnamed sticky command arguments in scripting

How does one set via rhinoscript command line arguments that don’t have a name but are sticky toggles? May not be the best example, but, say, I want to create a helix of diamater of 1:

Rhino.Command(“helix 0,0,0 0,0,1 ???”)

I don’t know if last call to helix set the default to radius or diameter mode, and it’s not clear how to change it without knowing what it was set to.

Rhino.Command(“helix 0,0,0 0,0,1 radius enter diameter”)

seems to work, but seems like a really bad and fragile hack as it invokes another command half the time

Hi @C.S,

You might look at these methods:


– Dale

Thank you Dale. Granted, that’s the better way for scripting, but is there a proper method that I am overlooking to achieve that with command macros? I don’t know if helix is the only command that has sticky toggles like that…

Hi @C.S,

The Radius/Diameter mode is sticky, which makes the command difficult to script.

– Dale