Problem with Transparency Textures

Hi there!
I’ve been trying a bit the new WIP version, and it is great. But I’ve noticed that:


  1. I use a Rhino material (not a Flamingo material)
  2. I assign a Transparency Texture to this material

(I think) Flamingo takes the Color Texture as the mask for the material instead of the assigned Transparency Texture

Can you check it?

Can you send us an example material? I can take a look at it, but want to make sure I know which controls you are using specifically.

Sure! I’ve attached a 3dm example:
example.3dm (69.1 KB)

I used the following images as color and mask textures:

This is the scene:

The result in Rhino Render:

The result in Flamingo nXt 5:

Yes, that is a missed translation of a Rhino material. I will get it reported so we can fix that.

You can create a similar NXT material using the two bitmaps. Set the Mask bitmap using the Color as a mask color, then set strength to 0. Then set the mask are to transparent. This will create the same overall image.