Problem with Toucan Render Mac beta March 10th

Hello All,

I’m brand new to this forum however, I thought I’d take a stab at asking a question to my fellow mac rhino users who are running the latest OS X rhino 5 beta as of March 10th 2015. I open my file and choose a named view, then hit render (or render preview) and the program basically stops for about 5mins, then I end up with a render quality that is not what the file was previously producing (in the older rhino 5 beta). I’m an architectural designer and I spent a lot of time on a project and the lighting setting and now it seems off. I don’t know what to do? Are there any step I can take to change this.

The Toucan renderer which you were using is going away and has been replaced already in the version you’re using. Fear not though, for the model you already have set up you can switch back to Toucan using the Render drop down menu>Current Renderer flyout. In future WIP builds, I believe Toucan will exist still as what we call a test command as. For future proofing models though, I would set them up with Rhino Render as the active renderer moving forward. It’s simpler and supports image based lighting using HDR files… which are two advantages over Toucan.