Problem with this range

Please look at this file: Dropbox: Brickwall

at range there is some problem…
By my self, I don`t no why.

I try the following youttube-video, but Youtube Video

in Minute 30 the video is very quick, perhaps I do not see some little thing that can help me…

Please learn how to attach files to your forum posts without using DropBox?


It appears there is no domain defined for the Range ‘D’ input?


I´m just beginning with grasshopper and i’m new in this forum. So sorry :slight_smile:
But in the youtubevideo the author does not change something at parameter D. So what domain I should choose?
Ps: and also sorry for my english…

the second problem is that the expression in the range function is fail.

By default, Range ‘D’ is “0 to 1”. I have no idea how it got disabled.

The expression should be “x-1”, not “n-1”.

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I could cut out the mistakes. Thank you.
Have a nice day.

In old versions of Grasshopper the variable used in parameter expressions was the parameter nickname, this was changed a while ago to always be x. Old files containing expressions are converted automatically, but if you type new expressions into new files then you need to always use x.

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