Problem with Text alignement in Rhino MAC


I apologize for the delayed reply. Thank you for the file, it is tremendously helpful in reproducing the issue.

I am able to reproduce this bug on my machine. I have logged a bug with the file attached (and only viewable internally): MR-2405.


OKay then, thank you

but I don t understand everything, it means that the bug if fixed ?


Hi Lawrence-

No, sorry, the bug is not yet fixed, but we are still investigating a fix. We really appreciate your submitting a model that allows us to reproduce the issue…being able to do that is a huge step toward fixing the bug.

I apologize for the delays and inconvenience,

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Dear Sir,

I hope you are well.

Do you have any news of my bug problem ?

Do you know when the Layout function will be available on Rhino Mac ? Will it be in 4.2 version ?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Best Regards,

Lawrence Breitling

I’m sorry to report we have not yet made progress on the bug you reported. We hope to fix this bug in the 5.2 update, which we are also planning to include Layout features. I wish I could give you a timeline for the release of 5.2, but I cannot.

This issue should be fixed in the next RhinoWIP update (coming soon). Thank you again for your patience and for reporting this issue.

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Thank you very very much

Do you know when the new WIP will be released ?

Really pleased that you answer me !


Hi Lawrence-

Do you know when the new WIP will be released ?

It should be very soon. We have one more bug to fix (related to the Layout feature) that we would like to fix before we publish an update to the RhinoWIP.

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Can’t wait! Thanks guys for making this real.


today seems to be the great day !!!

Thank you very much for adding this great new feature to Mac.

Still need to understand well how it works !

Best regards and thank you for all the work !!!

By the way is it possible to add some layers in the drawing window and then appears in the layout menu ?

Like annotation or dimensions ?


Dear Daniel hope you are well

Thank to everyone for the layout update for Rhino Mac.

Do you remember the text alignment bug that I report about 6th month ago ?

I still have it even with the last WIP version of Rhino!

Here is 3 printscreen showing that,

first in the drawing mode —> all clear well aligned
second in the Layout mode —> all clear well aligned
third one in pdf —> not-aligned the text V2 moved !!!

and it does it with other letters and text.

Thanks for answering !

Best regards !


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same problem here.

Hi Lawrence-

Again, I apologize for the delayed reply.

Yes, I do remember it well (MR-2405)…thank you again for your help reproducing it.

Very frustrating…but hopefully, with your help again, we can fix it.

Let me make sure I understand…

You are only seeing this when printing to PDF. Is that correct?

Again, it would be a tremendous time-saver for us if you would be willing to share the 3dm file contained in the screenshots above. It will (hopefully) allow us to reproduce exactly what you are seeing and fix the problem. Can you please attach it here or send it directly to me (

Thanks again,

PS: Tracking this bug in MR-2724.

problem still occurs in 5.2.3

modeling window/vector output/raster output

Please provide a copy of your model so we can duplicate your problem. Thanks.

right_example.3dm (3.4 MB)

Perhaps I’m being dense here, but the SelText, SelDim, and SelLeader commands do not find anything in the model you posted. Running Rhino 5.2.3.

I’m so sorry, please try it now.

Thanks for the updated model. Vertical font alignment in vector PDFs is better in the upcoming RhinoWIP.

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