Problem with tag counting and tables

Hello, everyone, I tried to use the table but it doesn’t show the properties… I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but in the images I show that it doesn’t retrieve almost none information I asked. It doesn’t give me the heights of the elements, the spaces they are located, it sum the element by the style at least.

I tried to count those elements with tags but didn’t generate the tag in the selected elements, it doesn’t even appear the the object properties at all… Anyone can guide me through this new table system?

I tried to select all elements and tag them manualy but it only showed a black rectangle where it should be the count.

PS: “Altura” means height (the element elevation parameter is selected) and “comodo” means space (space param is selected).

What I want to achieve:

A proper tag counting with an order (from north to south, from east to west) and a table with a corresponding counting of the element (its tag), the element style, which space the element is and its height. (It should be have done as simple as clicking by the options it already gave me, but the results are not appearing in the tables or tags).

table question.3dm (4.9 MB)

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate in the 3dm file you attached there is no “Electrica” table style created. Could you share the file with that table style created, so I can better tell you what you need to change?
Which parameter do you have linked with your “comodo” property field?

Take into account that there is no native property in VisualARQ that tells you in which space an object is located. So you will need to create a custom parameter for that and assign values to the objects (either manually or using Grasshopper). I can help you with that.

Also, the Element doesn’t have an “elevation” property, as Openings have. They have a “Position” property that will give you the X,Y,Z coordinates. If you only need the Z coordinate, you will need to create a custom parameter for that. You can obtain the Z coordinate of Elements in Grasshopper and assign the values using the Update Property component.

In the screenshot of your GH definition, you are connecting a list of Integers to the input “Property”. You should connect there a Property or a Parameter. If you want to use the Tag property, use the “tag” inside the Property name component:

(This could be developed further in order to assign the tags in that order you say (north-south, left-right))

table question.3dm (5.3 MB)

here it is the file with the table. For the “comodo” it means space… so the information i need to be retrieved is: inside of which space the element is located.

Also, the Z dimension would be from the area centroid of the element or it will be defined by the block origin point?

I manage to do it with scripts of the past, but I couldn’t sort the tags properly (north to south, left-right). Is close to a propper sorting, but some elements are getting misplaced.

table question.3dm (6.4 MB)
Tag Altura e comodo (22.0 KB)

Hi Leonardo,
I guess there is a better way to sort points, but check the following GH file if it works for you.
Sort Element (13.4 KB)

I notice that this way the algorithm makes the number 1 be far from the 2… while if it was possible to mix both vectors XY (don’t know how) they would be closer. It would be nice to have the numbers to be closer, is it possible?

Well, the script orders the elements according to their insert point from left to right and up to down, but you can change it to from up-down first, and left-right after:

elements order

But you could also set different criteria and number them, for example, according to the distances from the top-left corner. There are many possibilities…

Yes, it was this that I meant! In the example is more like one or other instead of mixing it.