Problem with Surface ribbons Skript in Grasshopper

i i have been using a Gh skript to create twists on louvers of organic surfaces such as lofts. the script works quite good, but i have a problem, that the lines on the edges of the surfaces always create abstract shapes that are not needed, as seen in the picture.I would like to ony modify the louvers of the loft without creating this shapes.It would be really helpful if someone helped me out with the skript, or come up with a similar skript that can twist louvers on lofts.Thank you. surface ribbons.3dm (421.4 KB) surface (19.3 KB)

here is the picture

It is because your shift lists have wrap default to true, set them to false.
surface (18.2 KB)

thanks alot, i actually had no idea that that was the problem cause.Thanks alot