Problem with surface and complexity


I’ve been working on getting a building facade together and have been piecing together tutorials and information from youtube and here. I’ve only been using grasshopper for a couple of weeks but getting there.

I have a lofted surface, 4 to be exact and want to be able to apply a pre determined surface with the map to surface command? or, just box out the surfaces and be able to adjust the box sizes with point attracts or other.

When I loft, the surface produced is coming up with complications, I think I’ve made a mess of this file.

Could someone look at it and see if i needed to flatten/graft or should I start again?

Attached is the .gf and an Image of something I’m aiming to achieve.


Facility in (53.4 KB)

This is not what you are asking but helps me a lot using Grasshopper
Here you will find an extensive video tutorial list. You can click on the top right corner to expand a list will pop up. Scroll down and choose a similar title related content of what you are looking for.

I think that while using Grasshopper is better to have a full understanding of what the options are.

Thanks Alan,
I’ll make sure to have a look!