Problem with spacemouse

hello everyone, my name is Ronny and I am new to this forum. So I immediately have a question. since I use Rhino 7 my 3d connection spacemouse works completely the other way around. Pushing left goes right and pushing down goes up and so on. Anyone have an idea how this can be resolved? Thanks in advance.

You can enter the driver options and change the directions as set all the behaviour.

It’s not Rhino related, or not directly.

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Hi Ronny, when you go to the menu of the space mouse , can you see what it is set at? Object mode works best. Sometimes it also works better if you don’t use the drivers.—-Mark

hey Marc, I uninstalled the drivers and it works perfectly now. Glad I can use the spacemouse again. Thank you very much.

Why does the spacemouse command not work for me, mac issue?