Problem with solid intersection

I have 3 kind of shapes, the “rectangle+arc” is ok , but the “rectangle+2 arcs no”, and the rectangle too.
My aim is to make a cross vault, for 3 different shapes, for the “rectangle+2 arcs” the solid intersection is not working and mention missing data,and for the rectangle even the arcs are not constructed…

Solid (36.2 KB)

You need to internalize your geometry.

Solid (30.3 KB)

thats part of the solution: it can’t work with missing data, which is due to a missing arc, so start there.

the red part is where a necessary line gets sorted out, being equal to a previous curve. getting rid of that whole part fixed a lot. now you can check why the vaults from the square won’t intersect :wink: (44.7 KB)

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Thank you, but I can’t open the photo, could you please post the gh file? :slight_smile:

i added the grasshopper definition to my previous post.

as you like :slight_smile: