Problem with solid difference, the created holes dont go through

Hi, I made this (in my mind, rather complicated script) based on previous knowledge, different tutorials etc… I want to be able to make see through holes in my vase when I bake it, but for some reason it doesnt work, even though I believe the vase is baked as solid form and the “hole makers” are so as well. This method usually works when Ive done it before, does anyone have an idea of where it goes wrong? picture shows the final part for creating the difference. Also uploading my gh file. Thanks a lot ! (23.5 KB)

Do the “hole makers” extend beyond the surfaces of the vase? If no then try extending the hole makers so they protrude from the surfaces of the vase.

@davidcockey Yes, and they both seem “solid”



Flatten the ‘B’ input to Solid Difference:

Believed I tried it yesterday but did not get a result because rhino crashed, so I totally forgot about it. Thanks a lot !

Without flatten you end up with 100 copies of the vase, each with only one hole in it, instead of one vase with 100 holes in it.

I see, thank you! It does say that the brep is invalid though, any ideas?

Looks OK to me, though my code is different. I never use Patch. You might want to find a better way to create those holes.

Thanks once again for the replies. Do you mind sharing that grasshopper file with the closed brep? As I dont get how it can be working. Something is clearly different as I get this result :

Sure, just ignore the yellow group I started to work on but don’t have time to finish right now, maybe later. (36.4 KB)

And it worked just perfect even though I dont see anything different in the script… Thanks!

I don’t have the Polygonize Curve plugin noted in my first reply so wired around it, maybe that’s the difference?

Could be! Next step is to alter the random functions to make the vases / holes change shapes. Might come back haha. Have a nice evening!

Here is a different way to create the holed vase, with different results - more holes! (30.9 KB)

The reason your model has fewer holes than mine is that many of your Patch surfaces are extruded the wrong direction so don’t penetrate the vase to make holes. To fix that, I reference the original surface instead of the patches to get the surface normal direction for extrusion. (27.2 KB)

One difference between the two methods is that the top of your vase is flat while mine is beveled,