Problem with Shell and offset srf

If I run a shell other than (one unit) does not work. Similarly, if a run offset srf up to 0.5 works, besides not working.
Check it out if necessary to fix these kinds of cases.
shell problem.3dm (246.2 KB)

The issue is the skinny surfaces not staying connected on the sides after a certain distance. I’ll file it for the developers to take a look ( ) but here’s how you can rebuild the model to achieve the thicknesses you’re after. I used a positional NetworkSrf for each of the four sides.

shell problem_cleanup_bjames.3dm (1.4 MB)

Thanks Brian! Congratulations for the work you are doing!

Hello Brian, another question on the above model.
If I wanted to do a “Fillet/Blend edge” on the partial border of red, the operation always fails. Why? Could you show it to Chuck?