Problem with recovery file with Rhino 7

I was working with three instances of rhino and one of then crashed (sent a report) but the weird part was that when I reopen rhino, it didn’t ask for recover file.

so I went to find it by myself on the recovery folder, and the auto save (with the name of the model + that numbers it attach at the name) was there, with a save like 3 minutes older or something, so I kept working.

however, when I alt tabbed to grab some stuff on the older version of my model, that file was renamed Auto save, just auto save.

So rhino 7 somehow updated the name on the file that it was open (but not been worked on, like just sitting there waiting) and did not bring the recover warning window when I re opened Rhino 7 after the file I was working on crashed.

I did not try to reproduce the issue (idk how to crash rhino on purpose) but I think its worth taking a look into it to see if its a issue.

An weird thing just happened,

I was joining one small surface to a poly surface of about 400 faces, rhino 7 locked, the window flashed and the name of the file changed from the name that was to the _Autosave version.

Hello - This file renaming all sounds very bizarre to me… where are the files being saved? On a local drive, a network, or on a synced drive like DropBox, or?


I always use the desktop for the files I am currently working with.

I will see if I manage to screen record when it happens, because it happened again a few moments later.

Ok, I didn’t manage to get it on screen record (my computer was too slow recording and modelling at the same time) but after two auto saves the third one renamed the file to the file in the recovery folder.

I did found out that it happened when I was using Rhino 7 working with a Rhino 6 file (I had to keep it Rhino 6) and it does not happen when the file is native Rhino 7

Ok, so I tested with both computers and the autosave is saving at the autosave folder and referencing that folder instead of the folder in the desktop where I had the file

It only happens if the file is never saved as rhino 7, if the file was once saved as rhino 7 file, it references the rhino 7 instead of the autosave folder.