Problem with RDP and clipboard

I’m really not sure what the developers can do about this but I thought that I should at least mention that this happens (this might be more of a Windows problem than a Rhino problem).

Anyway, I often RDP onto my desktop from my laptop when editing large models.

Sometimes I want to “import” some geometry from a file open in the desktop to a file open on my laptop. So I just copy the object to the clipboard on the desktop and paste it into the copy of rhino running on the laptop.

The thing is… if the object is very big… then as soon as I click on the Edit menu item to paste on my laptop…

Things just “lock up” on my laptop. I can’t change the current program by clicking on the taskbar. The start menu wont work.

A few seconds later this messagebox appears.

I click Switch To… a lot, sometimes Retry, and , eventually the messagebox goes away.

Maybe you can fix this, probably not, but I thought that I should mention it so you know that this is a thing that happens. :slight_smile:

I noticed that after several minutes, the edit menu becomes responsive again. There was nothing to paste but Rhino on the laptop was back to normal.

I’m going to export the part to my dropbox and just import it into the file on my laptop.