Problem with randomly missing textures

Hi. I have a problem with textures. With each refresh part of them appears to be missing.

This is the file:

however the older version of the file has no problems:

Hi @mailingbot, this is Edwin from ShapeDiver. Could you please send us your definition so we can do a direct check? or maybe you could explain us in more detail what changes you made from the previous definition that was working.

Thank you for your answer! I have sent you the file via pm. The change was adding more textures

Hi, it seems you are using two components to display the same geometry. I see a “Custom Preview” and a “ShapeDiver Display Geometry” which are being displayed at the same time with the same geometry. You just need to show one of them. Be aware that we recommend using our component “ShapeDiver Display Geometry” instead of “Custom Preview”.

Regarding the glass, you are using the code 300 and it should be 400.

For more information about how to apply materials to your definition, check out our last blog post at

Thank you for the answer
I use the Custom preview just to preview the file while working on the GH file. Does it also preview the file on the website? The glass is modelled with 300 on purpose as the walls have no openings so it would show the steel plates.

Everything that has preview ON will be shown in ShapeDiver but you don’t need to use the “Custom Preview” to see the model in GH, our component will display the geometry as well.