Problem with ProjectPointToSurface

(Ruy Sevalho) #1

Hi there,

I was writting a simple script to model a small boat and at some point tried to used the ProjectPointToSurface command. The projected points get created in the rhino document. If I stop the script after running the command I can see the return variable from the command, and they seem correct, but no point on rhino.

I did a test running only the ProjectPointToSurface command with one point and a set of very simple surfaces, same problem.

I’m running
Version 6
(6.0.18016.23451, 16/01/2018)

Any help?
thanksProjectPointToSurface_test.3dm (33.6 KB) (337 Bytes)


ProjectPointToSurface() will return a list of Python/RhinoCommon point3d objects, but does not add Rhino point objects to the document.

To add the point objects to the document, you would again use rs.AddPoint(point3d)

Also, ProjectPointToSurface() returns a list of points as you can use a list of points as well as a list of surfaces as an argument. The way you have it set up now you will end up with a kind of messy nested list of points…

HTH, --Mitch

(Ruy Sevalho) #3

Thanks a lot,

I had used the project curve command before, and it already adds the curve, so I just assumed it would work the same way. My bad

once again thanks