Problem with pipe / sweep1

Hi guys!
I am new to Rhino and until now i was dealing with challenges by myself. This time i think i have tried and read all the possible solutions - but no result… Please, need help!!!
tolerance 0.01 and 0.1 gives no clean result

greatly appreciate you advise

you’re asking rhino to do something that’s not possible…

like- to make a spherical section, you can sweep a half-circle around a center axis :


however, what you’re asking for is more like this:

it’s not going to happen.

(not sure if that makes any sense)

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What about laying the rail curve off center, i.e. closer to the inner corner (using sweep1)?


Spot on, and here is a little rule of thumb for ya:

Thank you guys for the quick response!!! All the answers are interesting to consider. I think i have tried before what Max said and it didn’t work out then, but it did worked out now. I will just have to scale it after.

Thank you again