Problem with nautilus distribution

the “maximal number of points” is a sort of security in order to have not too much points because many point will lead to long calculation time of the Voronoi component. And I didn’t put a limit for the hexagonal component so you have 38958 points !!! This is a bug. I must put a limit. It will be in next version.

And as we deal with similar polygon I must have put Voronoi cells outputs, so it will be no necessary to use Voronoi component for so “simple” configuration.
So I advise you to use the step size that is usable. Let says between 3 and 4. And put a Dam in order to control

Mesh intersection from Dendro could also be used. It is a bit faster. (15.7 KB)

And you could also use Lattice tools there are quite better at this type of job.

It is not maintained but worked well.

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