Problem (with log in) after new registration with another email address

Hello! I made a registration for rhino 7 for Mac with the trial version and after 2 weeks I’ve got a license from my professor but the license is for my university email address and not the one I registered with. So on my old email address I don’t have a license. After getting the license I registered again using my university email address (with the license) and now I have the problem that I don’t know how I can log out from the old email address and log in with the new one… Can anybody please help me? I logged out many times on the browser and logged in with the new account but when I open Rhino on my Mac I’m still logged in with the old email address. Is it possible to log out from the program on Mac (not using the browser)?
Rhino.pdf (180.4 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Yasman, You can go to your Preferences>Licenses and change remove your license key and then login with the new