Problem with linetype Display


sometimes I get things like this… and it puzzles me beyond comprehension.

nothing to be done to that one curve that wants to display different then the others. (explode, rebuild, linetypeDisplay, crvSeam…)
a true rebel at heart.

in this case it comes from Make2d, but I think it is not always the cause.

would be happy if you could investigate sometime what is the cause and how to avoid/fix

linetypeProblem.3dm (153.2 KB)

thinking and playing with this more, it seems to be related to some threshold of how the linetype is mapped onto the curve. When the pattern starts to repeat and how much “stretch” the pattern can receive in the corners.

clearly in this case, the pattern is stretched quite far.

I understand that a Pattern can’t be mapped in the same way on objects with different length,
but for such linear/rectangle objects it would be really nice if there was a way to maintain a visually pleasing appearance.

maybe there could be an option to start mapping from the midpoints of the line segments outwards?

I think that would be helpful in this case.

I see what you mean.
I’ve added RH-73669 Dashes: keep alignment of same line pattern

Thank you Gijs :+1: