Problem with lines&Text coincident with clipping plane

when elements are lying “on” a clipping plane, lines show fine (in 3d and in plan view) but text gets some problems.
bit tricky to draw 2d on several Z levels.
hope text can be made visible like other stuff!


This seems to be working fine here unless I misunderstood… in which case, can you share your file?

ClipText.3dm (260.6 KB)

Hi Brian,

you got it right as far as I can see.

I exported a part of our main file which still shows the problem and uploaded it to the support site like last time.

hope you are getting it!


Thanks for the file. The text and the clipping plane weren’t exactly aligned… but extremely close to it. Moving the CP -.001 in the Y axis / Right view fixes it. SetPt in the Y will work too. Does that work on your end?

got it, thanks !!

I did try to realign the clipping plane… but I must have snapped on a wrong part.