Problem with levels

hi everyone just recently I opened rhino 5 as I still need it for some projects unfortunately i had lost all my toolbars… I got it all back to normal but my levels icon doesn’t work, it’s there but doesn’t show me the levels.
the levels are there as well as my models are colors and the properties of each model tell me that they are on a separate level but when I click on the level button it shows me nothing in the window and I cannot create other windows
i have an image but can’t see where to upload it ( not really necessary as it is just a case on the level button not working
any answers would be more than welcome

there is the icon to upload the image. btw I don’t know the Level Command. never heard of it.

You are talking about layers here (some other programs call them levels)? You say the layers button doesn’t work to show the layers panel? What happens if you type “Layer”?

yes sorry layers

Hmm, odd - there is at least one layer in there - has to be. The layers box in the status bar also indicates this:

If you click in that box, do they show up at least there?

You might try closing the layers panel in the right sidebar, then closing Rhino, then re-opening Rhino and try re-opening the layers panel…

Are you running the latest service release (SR14) of V5?

yes they are all there just unable to use them as usual

OK, so trying to reset the layers panel as above didn’t work? And you have the latest SR (14) installed? Re-started the computer?

restting the pannel: i just got the icon above the cake type icon and pinned it to the side
the software tells me it is up to date with updates, is there a default setting for layers?

actually clicking on the new layer icon (the page type icon doesn’t do anythingrhino_levels3

Hi Justin- try a right-click at the top of the panel - there should be a menu that shows all the possible columns - my guess is those are all un-checked for some reason.




thanks ever so much
for some reason all the tabs were off. have to admit I never new that was even possible
thanks for your patience as well much appreciated.

Good call! Would never have thought of that…

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Right… it probably should not let you (or gremlins) ever turn off the last one… I’ll get that on the pile.