Problem with layers and printing

Hey all hope someone can help me!

I have block instances (i never used this before). But they send me a file to work on like that so i only had to change the place of the blocks and copy some of them. until here all fine.
But now i need to make a print layout and something stupid happens when i print! Some of the lines go white as if they are in a specific layer.

BUT when I check the blocks they are in the right layer, BUT also at the same time in that white layers… when i use the little light to see and unsee the layers they desapiar as if they were in that white layer.

So it looks like they could have been locked but they were not!
And also when i try to select the content of the weird white layer it doesnt select anything but when i turn the light out they desapiar as if they were in there … idk what’s wrong.

This is annoying me deeeeeeply!
Please someone help!

Hi Feban - you can BlockEdit one of these and inside the block edit process, select the object and set its print color to ‘By Parent’.

If that is not it, please send a small example, or send to, with a link to this topic in your comments.


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Thank you will try!