Problem with intersecting mesh with planes

Hi! I’m new using Rhino and i’m having some trouble intersecting a series of planes that I created with the command CutPlane, I am trying to make an arm cast and I wanted to create a surface by lofting the intersecting curves, but right now I don’t know how to make them.

I used to do it with the Section command but when it comes to add the thumb to the surface it doesn’t work, so now I am trying this aproach

Please, if someone could help me and give me some advice I would be very grateful

Here is the filearm1205.3dm (4.7 MB)

Your arm is a mesh, not a NURBS object, and some commands such as Intersect and IntersectTwoSets do not work with mesh objects,

Section and works for me on you arm. For multiple sections which are parallel and evenly space use Contour.

David is correct–the boolean mesh commands don’t seem to work as expected.

I did find a “meshIntersect” that will work if you convert your cutting planes to mesh planes. I had to do some of the planes individually around the thumb area, but the rest can be done in one go.
The resulting curves are pretty dense and could be rebuild with fewer points. Also a couple of the curves are open.

Thank you so much! Both of you!