Problem with Hops output branches

I noticed something peculiar when testing Hops. I created a Hops definition to speed up the component Split Brep Multiple when running through multiple branches of Breps. The Hops definition ( resides in the same folder as the GH definition I run it inside.

The screenshot shows mismatch in the Hops output when I input the path to the Hops definition using Metahopper’s Relative Path component. However, if I input the path directly using RMB on the Hops component, it works just as I would imagine (the upper Hops solution). I consider the correct result to be the same as with the Split Brep Multiple without Hops (the uppermost solution).

Why does this happen?

This screenshot shows the insides of the Hops definition.

Attached is the file with internalized breps to test out the same setup. I am running Hops v0.10.1 (16.7 KB)

@stevebaer, any thoughts?

Am I right to assume the branches to be equal in both Hops cases shown in the screenshot? What is the “correct” way of inputting a relative path for Hops?

Hops currently does not support relative paths. This is on our wishlist

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