Problem with Graphics Card after Rhino 5 update on 10-1-2014

It sorted out thanks.

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I’m having a problem with a new installed graphics card. All of my view types look different and difficult to work with. My drivers are up to date here is a screen shot, and my new card spec’s any idea what to do?

I had to roll back my AMD Driver and am waiting for Them to provide a fix. That you have a new card and never ran an earlier version, i am not sure what you can do. Jeff LaSor from McNeel found the problem for me and contacted AMD. I have not gotten an update in regards from AMD or Jeff. Hope this can help in some way…

Hi there, Seems like 14.4. version is no good for Rhino viewports.
You can download previous AMD Catalyst driver versions from Filehippo here:

This is the Windows7 64Bit driver.
32Bit Win7 driver here:

Just search AMD on Filehippo.
You can see even older driver versions available to download on the right hand column too.

Goto Control Panel and Uninstall the Catalyst (AMD) Drivers.
Restart PC
Install the 13.12 or 13.9 driver which you have downloaded earlier…
Hope this helps. Michael VS

Radeon Cards need drivers from around January of 2014. Sometimes the December of 2013 is available also.

What makes this especially confusing is the AMD/ATi FirePro cards need drivers later then July 2104:

It is quite frustrating having to manage this.