Problem with Ghpy: GeometryBase , Point3d & BoundingBox

GeometryBase input recognize Rhino.Geometry.Point3d as Rhino.Geometry.Point and using GetBoundingBox is possible but when i compile the component ,the points recognized as Rhino.Geometry.Point3d, i solve that by using PolylineCurve but why that happened? (6.0 KB)

Why would you even want to get the bounding box of a single point? It would probably be a very small box that resembles also a point.

This is just an example, i want a bounding box of different geometries including list of points.

I see, but what’s even the point of compiling? I downloaded your file to take a look and the second compiled component opens, just like the regular scripting component does.

For me it produces another error:
1. Solution exception:MyComponent must be of type ExecutingComponent, but is "IronPython.NewTypes.GhPython.Assemblies.DotNetCompiledComponent_9$9".

There seems to be something wrong with the component “binary”.

This error always appears because it is not compiled yet

But this is not hte problem.

Before compiling:
-The first code with GeometryBase input: work
-The second code with Point3d input: don’t work because Point3d don’t have GetBoundingBox

After compiling:
-The first code with GeometryBase input: don’t work and Point recognized as Point3d unlike the non-compiled code
-The second code with Point3d input: Work after convert the list of points to PolylineCurve, and without PolylineCurve the same error appears.

The problem that GeometryBase with compiled code failed to recognize Point type