Problem with geometry deformation

Hi everybody, i’ve made this geometry, but as you can see, when the point is near to the center of the geometry, the geometry gets out of shape, so my question is how can i control this, i’ve tried using remap to make a maximum value for the lines but it didnt work. Some help plss.

grid (17.7 KB)

Hi @alvaroarias23,

So what is your goal exactly? Do you want your geometry to be confined within the rectangular bounds of the kite (?) described by the four points?
Do you want the oval surface to at most touch each side of the boundary region at a single point, thus remaining oval and always with the same boundary? Or do you want it to change shape and adapt to the boundary?

You need to be more precise with question!

Check the charge and decay values if the attractor point is close to the point charge.