Problem with generating smooth surfaces

hello there, i got a new problem and i dont know the answer yet…
i am currently modeling some sort of fake rolex for a personal project but i am getting stucked by surface generation in rhino, as far as i understand rhino 3d, it is some sort of sculpting but with surfaces instead of volumetrics, you start with the general shape and substract/ delete till you get the final result…
so my problem is that no matter what function i try, rebuilding surfaces or blending, i cant get rid of this seam (thick black line) in order to have a smooth surface approximation, they tend to be seperated but appear as one single surface if i click on the surface…
i know i can rebuild the entire curve, but if i do so, the sharp creases will be lost, i hope you understand what i mean and can help me with this problem

greetings marcel

You can indeed model in Rhino by “start with the general shape and substract/ delete till you get the final result”, but I never work this way. You should have a look at the help for some quick tutorials on the surface modelling basics.
For the problem you describe here, it’s not clear what is your goal. The thick lines are surfaces boundaries so these are probably polysurfaces (surfaces joined together). That’s fine if you want sharp creases.

The process you are describing is not ideal for the form you want. I think you will get better results with a process I have developed that uses fewer, simpler curves to describe profiles. You then use the profiles to intersect two or more surfaces and create the final form.

Free Lynda video for ‘Dave`s golden construction strategies: How to analyze and model like a pro’

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I thought that your question would make an excellent lecture-demo, so I went ahead and built the watch. (I know, I am crazy about 3D.) Let me know if you have any further questions or would like a copy of the Rhino file.

One thing that most people miss when they apply this technique is the amazing ability to change. Since we are only dealing with 4 curves, it’s super easy to say “Eh, this sucks!” and then throw away all of the surfaces, make a quick tweak to a curve or two, and then re-build the entire geometry in just a few steps.

In the process I saw earlier, the last thing you might ever want to do it change it! There’s got to be 10x or 20x more steps that the ‘Intersection Technique.’ If you look at design as a iterative process, then you SHOULD spend most of your time changing. If it’s too hard or painful to change an early version, then you will never get to the good stuff later,

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