Problem with finding a specific Point on a road network

Hi everyone,

so I have a quite messy road network based on OSM Data. What I am trying to achieve, is that by generating Points on to that road network I will be able to set multiple Points and find the Point that lies nearest to the Points I set.

Does that make Sense?

My idea was, that I could use Galapagos for this Task. But my Problem is that it won´t measure the shortest distance based on the road network, but the direct nearest Point.
Another problem that occured, is that Galapagos will only take one Point and find the nearest Point.

I have been playing around with Grasshopper for some while now and I am probably missig out on something.
Probably I need to let Grasshopper know that I want to measure along the curves… But right now I am clueless how to get there. I tried several things, but everything ended up in a dead end.

Is there any Solution to my problem? Is it even possible with this kind of messy Data Set?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! (410.2 KB)