Problem with extruding from {lists of} circles to points to create cones

Hello fellow grasshoppers!

Me got a litul question…

I am working on a definition and am at the point in which I use a list of circles and another list of points (which are by the way situated at some distance on axes corresponding to the radius of these circles) and I want to extrude the circle to the point so as to finally create a cone (and then columns as you can see in the second image).

All good till this moment, only when I want to extrude, I get this humongous chaos. I think the data is not matched well. Any ideas?

Also: just a little detail, when I project the circles on the lofted surface, the ones at the edges get cut. Any idea how to keep the whole circle?


GA Exercise8 - object proliferation with non-uniform (19.6 KB)

You gotta graft the point input of Extrude Point otherwise it’ll extrude each circle towards each point, generating that mess seen above.

as for your 2nd question: the circles are being cut since there’s nothing left to project on. You could try to enlarge the surface by the radius of your circles. Depending on how important it is to maintain the exact curvature of your surface, you have different options. The easiest would be to simpy scale it up. Or move the endpoints of your curves (pre-loft) a tiny bit.

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