Problem with dimensions in paper space

I usually dimension in model space in AC. I’m experimenting with using Paperspace dimensioning in Rhino and am having problems. Almost every time, my second dimension click opens the Detail Viewport making the dimension invalid. I have to abort the dimension procedure to exit and close the detail. It is hugely annoying. Is there a way to lock the detail itself from opening from paperspace during dimensioning? (Not the internal detail lock)

Edit: This is really driving me crazy. In addition to whats happening above, about 1 in 3 successful dimensions automatically open the dimension editor without any effort from me.

Could this in any way be related to mouse clicking speed?
Rhino 6.19 Win10.

Ok. I’m now convinced this is a problem with my Wacom Tablet. Intermittently single clicks are being read as double clicks. This is the 2nd replacement Wacom mouse on this tablet. (Scroll wheel was out of control on the last) I switched to a cheapo Logitech mouse and everything seems to be working now.