Problem with copying object into nested branches

Hello everyone, this is my first post in the community.

I am trying to prepare a script which would divide the surface into hexagonal grid and later divide it one more time into triangles. I got stuck in the moment when I have to insert point from branch {0} of one list to each nested branch: {0;0},{0;1},{0;2)… of another list. What I am trying to achieve is simply like this:

In the result, I would like to have 3 points on each sublist. I was thinking about using C# script that would do this for me, but there must be a simpler way of solving it with grasshopper components.

Thanks in advance!

Jacek Grzegrzółka (39.9 KB)

I placed the single item as the first in each of the second list.
Using the data path of the second tree, I got the corresponding item in the first tree. (40.9 KB)

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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.