Problem with converging Data

I did an analysis on my model, and this is the charts i get, it looks like it is not finding any good solution. Is their something wrong in the way i did the simulation, or did i do something else wrong, should i do a longer studie or,… Thanks in advance, kind regards.

Gen (1.2 MB) Analyze2.3dm (11.0 MB)

Hi Bert,

To conduct a successful simulation to optimise for the intended objectives, one should carefully design the problem. Designing the problem equals 1) construction of the phenotype, 2) selection of the genes and the fitness objectives, 3) calculation of the fitness objectives, 4) identification of the relationship between fitness objectives, and 5)the relationship between genes and the objectives. To gain constructive insight into your simulation and make an informed decision to set up a successful optimisation problem, you may need to iteratively adjust your design problem and run several simulations to study the impact of the changes you make. Additionally, you can reduce the optimisation problem’s complexity by 1) decreasing the number of objectives, 2) disengaging some less important objectives and inputting them as Data Input for later use as a selection strategy, 3)or even breaking down your optimisation problem into smaller size problems and solve them sequentially. Based on the wallacei analytics graphs that you provided, it is clear that the simulation is struggling to optimise. I suggest you go back to your design problem and rethink your strategies I mentioned above.

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Thank you for the response, I got it working, with changing the way my model is built, and a fewer optimizing parameters. Thank you for the help.

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