Problem with circles of different radii and fixed distance between them

Hi there, I am new to GH and I am trying to create circles of different radii that have in common that their centers are part of the same line and that the distance formed between the intersection of the line and the circles is constant regardless of their radii. The aim of all of this, is to create a polar array of these geometries so that if i want to change the raidii of a circle it changes everything accordingly.

This is a drawing of the concep, so you can visualize it. Now i will upload what i have done on gh (24.0 KB)
Im kinda stuck, since i dont know how to create that fix distance that is dependant on the circles.



assuming you have a line along which you want to distribute your circles, if you have n circles you would up with n+1 gaps (because in this image you start and end with a gap)

this might be a stupidly long and straight way to do it: (13.3 KB)

[edit] looks like I have missed the POLAR thing :smiley: ]

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What if the curve is arbitrary, not linear and not an arc?

Anemone loop looks like the easiest and most flexible way?

Arrange in Grid (9.3 KB)

hehehe that looks like a pretty complicated task… I would go by angles if it was an arc

for an arbitrary curve I guess I would just ignore the amount of curve that is inside each circle, and try to spread evenly the gaps

but the main problem is that -depending on where a circle is centered- the amount of curve to be spread for gaps also changes… it’s an interesting problem that I wouldn’t really know where to start from :slight_smile:


Hi, do you know how to change the point of origin in the arrange on grid component?

No such option. But if you tell the problem, perhaps we can find a solution.

i want the geometry to be inside a defined line, that it’s not on the origin, but i still want to be able to change the spacing.

Orient the curves to the target plane.

Arrange in Grid V1 Orient (21.0 KB)

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This one (below) is, uh, no.

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I changed the topic title so it is composed of words with correct spelling


That’s fine, thank you.

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This code is rough (“warts and all”) but simple. The Anemone loop is at the bottom. The cyan group defines parameters, including Value List choice of ‘PATH’; (blue group).

(Full Size image) (44.1 KB)

P.S. There is an error in this code. No time to fix it now, sorry. Du[plicate points and circles, sequence error at the beginning of the loop.

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Random thought on this. @Joseph_Oster Could do better.
Anyways it uses Kangaroo instead of Anamone. Its just a concept. (15.7 KB)

Small, subtle error - fixed. (34.3 KB) (23.4 KB)


You can use Dash Pattern (7.9 KB)