Problem with cells in attractor point script


I was working earlier today with my design professor in creating this attractor point script in which the Diamond shapes would have a set offset from each other and when you would move around a set point the shape is supposed to get smaller with regards to its location the point but we ran into some issues…

Bare in mind I’m still a beginner at grasshopper and my professor was having problems himself. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

Hi @j.bonamy

Since you haven’t uploaded your script. The best advice I can give is to flatten the output of the divide.

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Hello christopher, thanks for the fast response! I’ve uploaded the script and I’ll try and flatten the output of the divide and see what the output yields. attractor (17.2 KB)

The most common component in an attractor script is the remap component.

the new domain control the min and max size.
attractor (7.2 KB)

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Take a look at this.

attractor script (5.6 KB)

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Hello Christopher,

Thanks for much for the script, it works beautifully as planned! Kudos to you! :slight_smile:

Hi carlos,

I tried your script but I was unable to get the point to work? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I was able to get Christopher’s own to work, so thanks for the help either way.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Here it is again!

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I would try to avoid Boolean operations (very slow) . here you could use just the boundary surface component instead

It is, but it works and in the real world where deadlines exist you most often need the quickest solution.