Problem with capsules

all the capsule are looking like these , and i can not fix this problem

I would rather worry about the credit card information which is bypassed using Rhino Ports.:dizzy_face::wink::roll_eyes:

Does McNeel actually scan plugins when uploaded to food4rhino?

For this you probably need to deinstall plugins made from Panda (it could be Panda or Dragonfly).
In addition to that you might need to delete the Grasshopper_gui.xml, found in the gh folder.
Could be that he is using a low level hack. In this case it should be enough deleting the gha.
I once wrote a hack to override wires, but I made it temporary. @panda It might be a good idea to trigger this by a toggle.

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Why would anyone want to work in that aesthetic anyway :nauseated_face: :smiley:
But you are right it should be an option that is easy to change.

That actualy looks nice to me, if only the text were brighter color :stuck_out_tongue:

Any idea how can I achieve that by just editing some xml or something?

Download Panda and see what he changed in the xml.

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Last time I indended to install it I gave up when I saw the chinese language of the installer. Very suspicious.

You can either change the grasshopper_gui.xml file (I would hope most of the names are pretty self-explanatory) while GH isn’t loaded, or you can change this stuff at runtime by accessing the static fields on the Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas.GH_Skin class, which is just the runtime state of the settings xml file.

The best way to get back to factory defaults is to delete the xml file while Rhino isn’t running, however if you have a plugin which changes the skin then you will also have to uninstall that plugin.


Does that mean changing all components on the canvas or just the one

Here’s some code that makes the canvas pink and more dense:


This is awesome :smiley:

@DavidRutten, does that mean I can change the color every calculation, fade-in-fade-out style?

Sure, you can change the skin as often as you want. There’s no overhead involved, the canvas simply reads whatever values are inside the GH_Skin class every time it paints itself, so it has to look anyway.

Triggering a canvas redraw will have to be done by you if you’re assigning new values from outside a solution (when a solution finishes the canvas is automatically redrawn).

There are however other ways to change the canvas look which may be more suitable than cryptic colour changes in the background. Have a look at GH_TagArtist classes for drawing extra gunk on the canvas.

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Hehe, this is so cool :slight_smile:

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