Problem with boolean difference


I m new to rhino and have encontered a problem,

i have to closed polysurface, checked no naked edges, directions are ok and even set tolerance to 0.1 but still not working.

one is a curve extruded
the other is an imported illustrator curve extruded in rhino

when i try to do a boolean difference,
i get this, like there xas still a cap remaining on the hole…

in wireframe it looks like this

i m stuck and really dont know what to do
can anyone help

many thanx



Is this Rhino 4 or 5? There was a meshing problem in Rhino 4 with triangular shaped surfaces or holes, the holes appeared to be closed in shaded mode because of a display mesh bug. They look correct in wireframe mode.

This bug should have been fixed in Rhino 5. To fix in Rhino 4, you will have to go into the display mesh settings for the file and create a custom mesh setting that has “simple planes” unchecked


Hi Mitch,

thanx for your reply…it is rhino 4 indeed
stupid question as i m new to rhino

where do u find the display mesh settings?
is it in the file menu? I cannot find it,

actually always have problem when iread things on forum, never know how to access them…

(Pascal Golay) #4

The global mesh settings for the document are in DocumentProperties > Mesh page, For individual objects, you can override the global settings in the object Properies, Custom Mesh.



it worx!!!

thank you so much for your help!!!