Problem with backface of surfaces

Hi all,
I am encountering a problem with the backface of surfaces in Shaded mode. Even though my Shaded mode has the Backface set to Use Front Face settings, it shows the backface as a distinctly darker color. You can see this on a Screencast video that I have produced:

At first I thought it was lighting, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Yep, this broke in the latest SR release candidate -


Thank you, Pascal.

I don’t use release candidates and see this problem since months. Is there a solution?

I use two GTX780 at my system, driver updated yesterday, same problem. Backfaces of closed polysurfaces are invisible in any display mode, only ghost mode shows the backfaces. If I change the transparency from 1 to 0, the backfaces are gone too.