Problem with ''Apply displacement'' tool

Hi everyone!

First of all, I must say that I am a newbie in Rhino . After a few weeks of use , and after the first course i’m completely in love :slight_smile: But a few days ago to now I still have the same problem with this tool as a topic . Every time I try to use this , and try to add some texture Rhino go down … I use Rhino trial version.Please help me with this problem.
Best regards!

At this point just a bunch of questions:
Have you tried this with several different bitmaps? Could you post a bitmap that is crashing Rhino? Can you post information on your hardware? Do you send in the crash reports that Rhino should create when going down?

Hi Andre28,

I’m sorry that you’re having problems. In order for me to be able to diagnose your problem I need some more information. First of all, did Rhino ask you to send in a crash report? Crash reports are really helpful because they can pin point exactly where something went wrong.

It would also be helpful do know - in detail - how you can reproduce the problem. What kind of surface are you applying the displacement texture to? What kind of texture is it? Does it work in some cases, but not in others?

If you could send me the Rhino scene, in addition to the crash report, that would be the most helpful.


Hi Deranen!

Thank you for your help. First , i do not have any crash reports , when i have this moment,Rhino completly crash and i have just information that Rhino did not answer , and then i have to close him . i working whith this tutorial right now

and every single time when i start to add texture (from 6: 00min ) after second texture , gradient , rhino dont want to cooperate with me :slight_smile: I have to add that a few days ago i changed my pc for much stronger and even this didnt solve a problem.But for sure i will stay with Rhino:)


We are not able to reproduce the bug here. What version of Rhino are you using? You can check by going to Help -> About Rhinoceros… (or by typing “About” in the command window). Please take a screenshot of the window that is shown and post it here, or send it to me as a private message.

Would it be possible for you to also send me the model that is hanging Rhino?