Problem with 3D Space Frame on Free Form Surface

Dear Sirs

Hi I have a 3D Spaceframe here which is working fine on a flat surface but once I try to assign a Freeform surface to the algorithm, it becomes distorted at the edges of the freeform surface. I am already using a Normal factor for the movements. Is it becuse of the suface or the algorithm that’s causing the problem?
Attached are the GH file and the RH file with the Flat and Freeform surface for your reference!

Many thanks for any help at all!

Diagrid 3D Spaceframe problem on 3d (25.7 KB) suface for Spaceframe.3dm (64.8 KB)

It was all about matching data structures. Notice how they differ in Move component.

The same problem existed on flat surface, but it didnt show up since lines matched perfectly.
Solution is to apply same tree manipulations as you did for points previously.

Diagrid 3D Spaceframe problem on 3d (43.7 KB)

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Hi Jakinta

That worked well, I have separated the normals as kindly suggested, resulting in a few more normal groups. Thank you so much !