Problem whit Create solid

I’m not so able to create a solid from this curves and then do the booleans operation… is there someone that can send me the work just done? it’s for university exams. Thanks a lot
This was my first idea: per esame.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi Luca.
I fixed up some of the bad areas in your model . This may help you proceed.
solidX.3dm (982.2 KB)

It looks to me that the main reason you are having trouble is that you used the G2 options when building your surfaces. My suggestion is that you start over and avoid using the G2 option in tools like sweep2, blendserf, networksrf etc. . . The G2 option very rarely produces a quality surface. Usually selecting that option will give you garbage. Several of your surfaces are excellent examples of that fact.


Thanks a lot Jim, but how is possible to modify the surfaces option??

Ciao Luca,
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Buona modellazione.

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Ciao Luca
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Hi Luca,
The options for surface continuity in blendsrf, sweep2 and networksrf are
G0 = position ; G1=tangent; G2=curvature.

You will get better surfaces most of the time if you use tangent option instead of curvature… On the side surface of your hull where it meets the deck, it would probably have been better to use the “position” option, if you wanted the surface to follow the input curves.