Problem when Making Cut and export as DWG with setting

Hi All,

I am quite new and trying to make a Grasshopper to auto generate some plan cuts by levels to be export as multiple DWG files. I tried to maintain the same layer as the reference object and I think it works. However, I got two problems moving forward.

  1. I now have to bake it and re-reference the lines in order to export them using a pre-set scheme.
    I cannot find a way to connect the geometry with attribute to the export as component…
    I tried a component called CADexported in grasshopper, however it doesn’t have the control I need compare to referencing a scheme .ini file.

  2. without direct connection within grasshopper I cannot export the multiple cuts into multiple files…
    The idea is to able to save files as Cut01.dwg, Cut02.dwg, etc… at the moment i need to bake, select one by one… and export…

It will be great if you can give me some hint in developing it. Thank you very much.

here is the scheme setting:

Here are the files for reference.

Cut_Test.3dm (79.8 KB) (21 KB)