Problem w/ Flow Along Closed Curve


I’m attempting to transform a 2D pattern so that it’s evenly distorted within a 2D closed curve.

I tried using the ‘Flow’ command, with the pattern’s closed rectangular border for the ‘Base Curve’ & the closed ‘Target Curve’. This results in the first screenshot.

When I isolate a single open curve as the Target, this results in the second screenshot.

Seems like there may be a simple solution that I’ve missed… I’d like to avoid distorting manually using CageEdit

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mat - try:

Explode both rectangles into four curves each. Create EdgeSrfs, assuming the curves are as simple as they look. FlowAlongSrf the curves from one to the other.


That does it! You are a gentleman and a scholar

if you have Grasshopper I did this script*uA0zh8/Canvasat223908.png