Problem trimming aerofoil and revolved curve


I have two surfaces, one is a aerofoil from a jet engine compressor and the other is a surface created from revolving a curve through 360 degrees. The aerofoil has been created by lofting two surfaces. I would like to trim the aerofoil surface with the surface created from the revolved curve in order to cut the aerofoil surface. However, when I perform the trim command it does not trim the aerofoil cleanly. I have attached a model with the two surfaces - performing the trim command with the revolved curve as the cutting object and the aerofoil as the surface to be trimmed will show the problem.

Any suggestions on how to obtain a clean trim would be appreciated! I have performed the same operation without issues on a model problem in which a cylinder is cut by a straight line which has been revolved.

test_model.3dm (168.2 KB) ,


Give the Boolean split command a try. It worked for me. I have no idea why the trim command fails. I also used the Adjust closed surface seam command. To move the revolved surface seam away from the trim intersection.

Thanks for the quick reply. Boolean split does work, but it’s not quite what I want - the second step that I need to do is to close the aerofoil surface with the revolved curve (so that the ‘tip’ of the aerofoil is closed).

I appreciate the suggestion of moving the seam! It does work for this case, but unfortunately I have more complicated blades (lofted from many sections) for which this approach does not work.

Hello- your objects are much too small for the current file tolerance. You can get a trim if you set the tolerance to .0001 but I’d verify the scale of this thing - the entire airfoil edge curve is only .11 cm long - that cannot be right. I’d also arrange the cutter so that the surface seam is not in the middle of the trim- this way the trim can be all one curve and not split up at the cutter seam.


Many thanks! The scale of my geometry was incorrect - fixing it solved all my problems.