Problem to load assembly in C# script component / Name containing a dot

Hi there,

I’m facing a strange issue with a project I wrote before RH6. It is the first time I am launching this project since I am using RH6.

My tool is a C# solution with several project called TMarsupilami :

  • TMarsupilami.MathLib.dll is a C# lib with math and custom types (MPoint, MVector, MFrame) independent from RH and GH.
  • TMarsupilami.Gh.gha is an interface to grasshopper with several components and conversion methods (from MPoint to GH_Point, MVector to GH_Vector, MFrame to GH_Plane).

When I try to use the C# scripting component with a reference to TMarsupilami.MathLib.dll it says it can not load the assembly (It was working 6 months ago).

However, If I rename TMarsupilami.MathLib.dll to TMarsupilamiMathLib.dll (removing the dot) it is now working …

Can someone confirm there is a problem with loading dll with dot in their name ?

I have the same issue with different lib. I had to rename dll without dot to load to c# component.

Thanks, logged under RH-49537.