Problem to blend 2 surfaces

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to use the BlenSurf (Blend Surfaces) function between 2 plane surfaces (in X-Y) which are not in the same plane (2 different Z).
I want to connect the edges of these surfaces with a new surface tangent to them.
The profile of this new surface should look like an “S” and be perpendicular to the 2 surfaces (See file).
This profile must be reproduced all around the edges so that in top view, the S-curves must be seen as segments almost perpendicular to the 2 edges.

When I move control points to get an “S” shape, the overall surface does not follow this profile.
Thank you in advance.

Marc2 surfaces to connect.3dm (122.9 KB)

hi @mbernard4
This is how you solve your problem


Thank you Joaquin for your answer.
The “Alt button” was the solution !


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